Vier de Franse keuken

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De drie pijlers van Frankrijk zijn Parijs, het platteland en de zee. Het wekt en bevredigt je eetlust, je zal er nooit genoeg van krijgen. Wij gingen op een culinaire reis samen met food blogger Meike Peters van eat in my kitchen en verzamelden inspirerende recepten.

In het restaurant 'Chez Boulan' kreeg ze de kans om te genieten van verse oesters in combinatie met een adembenemend uitzicht op de oceaan. 

Recept Cap Ferret oesters à la Chez Boulan

1 persoon


60 ml rodewijnazijn
1 tl.sjalot, heel fijn gesneden 
Gemalen zwarte peper
6-12 verse Franse oesters (bij voorkeur van Cap Ferret)
1 citroen
Enkele verse muntblaadjes, fijngehakt


Voor de mignonette, meng de rodewijnazijn en sjalot in een kleine kom en breng op smaak met een beetje peper. Schik de oesters op een groot bord en geniet van de pure smaak met een scheutje citroen, een snuifje munt of een drupje van de mignonette samen met een glas gekoelde witte wijn! 

Hoe een oester openen? Alison's tip van het restaurant Chez Boulan.

Er zijn twee manieren om een oester te openen. Je kan kiezen welke methode je gebruikt, maar het idee is om de oester "veilig" te openen in één geheel.

We openen het vanaf hier (wijzend naar de basis van de oester). We stoppen het mes hier en dan tillen we het mes op om daarna de oester open te snijden. Het is de bedoeling dat wanneer je het tweede deel van de oester vasthebt er niets aan het tweede deel hangt. 


A day at restaurant Chez Boulan, Cap Ferret

by Meike Peters

Cap Ferret is a dream in pastel blue and pink, it makes you dizzy, giggling with joy. The beach seems endless, the sky sinking silently into the waves that hit the shore like a rock, angry thunderous foam vanishing meekly on the golden sand. It's a place you never want to leave again, just walk forever, barefoot and happy, and the sun in your face.

I came to this headland touching the Atlantic in the Aquitaine region in France to eat oysters. It was a simple mission, I expected good, pure and honest tasting oysters, fresh like a sip of the sea, but I wasn't prepared for so much beauty! In the summer months, the seaside villages turn into a crazy beehive, we skipped that and were welcomed by tranquil bliss. Two landscapes dominate the cap, the open sea and vast beaches on the west, and the lagoon on the east, the Bassin d'Arcachon changing its face constantly due to the tides. This is the lap where mother nature lets the best oysters in the world grow slowly over 4 to 5 years, nurtured and rinsed by clear French waters.

Alison and her husband Axel run Damien Boulan's wonderful Chez Boulan restaurant. It's a bit like a beach hut, built out of wood, the wind blowing the salty air through the open kitchen, the garden looks almost tropical. There's a wooden pier above the fading water that seems like the perfect place to sit and enjoy a plate full of fleshy oysters and a glass of white wine – if only I could sit there every day.  

Damian took over the family business from his father, he's passionate when it comes to oysters and spends most of his time taking care of them at the banks. They are like babies, you have to look after them. It's a lot of work that the whole cap seems to be dedicated to, with deep love for their work and the sea. When Alison told me to pick oysters from the metal baskets at the entrance of the restaurant for my lunch, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Various shapes and colors, small and large shells, and they all smelled and looked so beautiful. I had an oyster tasting, which I highly recommend to get a feeling for the fine differences, there are no rules, you just follow your taste. The same counts for serving, some prefer this treat from the sea pure or with a squeeze of tangy lemon, or with sour mignonette, French shallot vinaigrette, just a few drops are enough. Alison added a new inspiration to the palate, freshly chopped mint leaves. Whatever you go for, just make sure that the oysters come straight from the sea, freshly cracked open in front of your eyes, like at Chez Boulan.

If you plan a trip to Cap Ferret, stay at the stunning La Maison du Bassin hotel. Each room looks like an old captain's cabin, the wood is dark and the view is breathtaking. And don't forget to book a table for dinner, the food and wine are divine. You might order too much wine and champagne from their fantastic menu, but don't worry, the hearty breakfast with eggs and croissant will make up for it.


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