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The Modern Living Kitchen is a place for eating, cooking and relaxing. ZWILLING product development is largely driven by international culinary and lifestyle trends. Be inspired and learn to savour quality and design.




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ZWILLING offers five different base technologies on its cookware

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Zwilling® Care

The ZWILLING Group supports projects all over the world with a focus on educating, training and integrating children, young people and adults with disabilities in the countries in which it has international sales companies.

Help for Life

In a number of countries, ZWILLING Care is already helping to improve the lives of young disadvantaged people and adults with disabilities in the long term. With continued support and long-term funding, ZWILLING is supporting these people to achieve more independence and social participation – for an entire lifetime.

ZWILLING Care has launched an extraordinary initiative for people with disabilities in the southern Indian town of Pondicherry.

Young people with disabilities are helped to learn a trade and lead independent lives. 

People learn how to work with textiles in the training centre and produce diverse textiles and leather goods for the ZWILLING Group.