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Professional chefs and amateur cooks the world over have come to appreciate the innovative range of knives manufactured by ZWILLING. Thanks to our careful choice of source materials, ultra-modern manufacturing techniques and thorough quality control, we manufacture knives that meet the high expectations you have come to expect from our products. Discover more useful and effective tips on caring for your knives and the right way to use different blades, to ensure that you can enjoy using your ZWILLING knives for many years to come.

The right knife for every task

Our knives are as diverse as the materials they cut! They vary in size, blade shape and cutting edge (facet). These are the details that determine which knife is ideal for which purpose.

You can only achieve perfect results with the right knife. Here the most popular types of knives with their key uses.



ZWILLING is one of the world's best-known knife brands and has been synonymous with the ultimate in quality cutlery for many centuries. With the right care, you can often keep knives that carry our brand-name for a lifetime. Please note specific information regarding the care of your knives to ensure that you can enjoy using them for many years to come despite intensive use.


We would recommend washing your knives by hand under lukewarm water with a mild detergent and a non-scratch cloth or sponge to prevent premature wear caused by aggressive detergents.
Do not exceed a washing temperature of 55 °C. 


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