Use and care

ZWILLING cookware

ZWILLING stainless steel cookware is extremely high-grade, not just in terms of its appearance, but also in terms of delivering high quality. Follow the care instructions below to maintain the optimum durability of the materials and ensure that you can enjoy your cookware for many years to come.


Allow your ZWILLING cookware to cool down before washing. Glass lids, in particular, can be damaged by temperature shocks. ZWILLING cookware is easy and convenient to clean and dishwasher-safe. We recommend cleaning by hand with warm water, a little washing-up liquid and a soft cloth. Aggressive cleaning agents can damage the product and particularly the non-stick properties of ZWILLING coated cookware.

With stainless steel cookware, burned on grease can be removed using the rough side of a sponge. Do not allow remnants of food to dry on the stainless steel to avoid stains or discoloration. Use proprietary stainless steel cleaners, lemon juice or vinegar to remove white or rainbow-colored discoloration and deposits. Do not use your cookware to hold acidic food for any length of time as it can damage the surface.

Cookware Use & Care

Learn how to clean and maintain your cookware.

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